June flew by us as we march into summer

June has been a busy month for the Hoofbeats crew! We are very excited to move our office onto our property! This will make work days much better with a view outside of all of our horses, dogs, cats, and ducks. Animals always make everything better! 

I love summer days and working from home. Type up an article or design an ad, run into the house and put on a load of laundry, back out the door and a quick kiss and stroke to one of the horses and back at it!  If there ever was a dream job this must be it.

We are finally on Instagram at SoutheastHoofbeats! So please take a moment to follow us. We will be posting loads of photos of horses from all over the country! 

Right now we are finishing up on the July/Aug issue and have a new Contributing Editor to welcome to our herd. Jimbo Albritton! Jimbo lives in Penny Farms, FL and is a true Florida cowboy. Jimbo grew up herding cattle in Florida, worked the Rodeo circuit and trains Quarter Horses. We met Jimbo through the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Jacksonville, FL. Jimbo is an amazing horseman and owns Flying A Performance Horses. He lives operates Penny Farms with wife Erica and two daughters. His first article will appear in July/Aug issue and we know you will love it.

We are kicking off Season 4 of the television show July 3 so we have been really busy filming new episodes and events! For more information on the show go to www.carolinahoofbeatstv.com.